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Project Picky is a personal publishing tool running on Google App Engine, written in Python.

Check out our dev log and live demo at: http://picky.olivida.com/


  • Running on Google App Engine, free plan of GAE is enough for supporting 1M pageviews per month.
  • Default look-n-feel design is keeping as minimal as possible. You can hack your own based on default theme.
  • Write a blog or page, and you can configure whether show a page in sidebar.
  • HTML5 compliance.
  • Atom feed output.
  • Integrated Twitter client.
  • Synchronize new article to specified Twitter account automatically.
  • Check who is mentioning your blog in blogosphere or Twitter.
  • Alternative feed URL is configurable, easy to integrate FeedBurner.
  • Ping Google Blog Search automatically every time you post.
  • Google Analytics integration.
  • Write article in plaintext, HTML or Markdown.
  • Running on Google App Engine, the industrial standard of cloud platform, means Project Picky is hosting with very secure servers. No need to worry various security exploits in common shared hosting.

Project Goal

  • Easy to share writer's thoughts, focus on writing.
  • Employ sexy technologies like Google App Engine, HTML5, Python, JSON and Twitter.
  • No unnecessary visual noises on default design.
  • No compatibility with IE6.
  • Optimize for Chrome, Camino and Firefox.
  • Easy to integrate Google services like Analytics, Webmaster Tools, AdSense, Blog Search and Google Code.
  • Open source under GPLv2.


  1. Download the latest released version from Google Code or checkout the latest source with Mercurial.
  2. Change folder name and app.yaml to match your App ID and add it to Google App Engine Launcher.
  3. Make some necessary change to local file like logo, templates and CSS. When you're feeling fine with everything, click the Deploy button.
  4. Project Picky Writer is where you manage all posts and settings, you can enter it by appending URL /writer/overview to your app domain. Before you post, you'll need to configure several options in Writer settings.


Our dev log and live demo of Project Picky:


Atom feed for subscribers, you can subscribe and read it with Google Reader:



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