TurboGears 2.1 正式发布

发布时间:2010-12-01 22:40:16, 关注:+4908, 赞美:+6, 不爽:+6

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从时间上来说,TG 从 2.0 到 2.1 整整花去了一年,直到11.19才真正发布了 2.1 版。 详细请查看更新日志

TG 与 pylons 是类似的一个 python 开发框架,整合了一堆组件,如果你原来有了解过TG的话,那么现在来看看有哪些变化:

  1. TurboJson Requirement dropped.
  2. Refactor of Dispatch Code.
  3. Front-ported Beaker Secret key functionality.
  4. Refactored Auth support to handle non-SA auth.
  5. Deprecated lookup in favor of _lookup.
  6. Deprecated default in favor of _defaul
  7. Added disable_request_extensions flag to configuration to allow users to ignore the request extension dispatch bits of object dispatch.
  8. Increased length of Permission.permission_name to 63 chars.
  9. Added use_dotted_templatenames support for Genshi.
  10. Added ignore_parameters setting in the config
  11. Added ability to have sa_auth.cookie_secret in .ini file
  12. Added cookie_secret to quickstart template
  13. Added tgext template
  14. Added backwards compat for TurboJson
  15. Functools removed as a dependency of TG2
  16. Tests fixed to not be order-dependent.
  17. mako bytcode cashing added.
  18. Python 2.4 compatibility.
  19. Added tg.abort as a proxy to pylons.controllers.util.abort.
  20. Dependency on SA, r.xxx, and tw removed for those projects that do not need them.

以及修复了无数的 bug。吃饭没事做,又去看了一回入门,嗯,貌似比以前清爽,我已经忘了他是否改过入门教程 -_-

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