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Django 1.5.1 发布

发布时间:2013-03-31 00:39:07, 关注:+3821, 赞美:+7, 不爽:+5

We've just released Django 1.5.1, a bugfix release fixing a few issues with last month's 1.5 release.

The biggest fix is for a memory leak introduced in Django 1.5. Under certain circumstances, repeated iteration over querysets could leak memory - sometimes quite a bit of it. If you'd like more information, the details are in our ticket tracker (and in a related issue in Python itself).

If you've noticed memory problems under Django 1.5, upgrading to 1.5.1 should fix those issues.

Django 1.5.1 also includes a couple smaller fixes:

  • Module-level warnings emitted during tests are no longer silently hidden (#18985).
  • Prevented filtering on password hashes in the user admin (#20078).

All users are encouraged to upgrade to Django 1.5.1 at your earliest convenience. You can install Django using pip or download Django 1.5.1 from the Django downloads page. As always signed checksums of the package are available.

On that last point: astute readers may notice that Django 1.5.1 is signed by a new key. Until today, all releases were signed by James Bennett, but to increase our bus factor we're moving to a system where multiple people will be authorized to release Django. See our Django releasers document for the list of approved releasers.

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