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[flask] ANN: Flask-Admin 0.1

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Hi everybody.

I've released the initial version of Flask-Admin, a Flask extension module that can generate blueprints for adding/editing/deleting instances of database models. Flask-Admin requires Flask 0.7 or above.

- Automatically generates forms for adding and editing database models including select fields for defined relationships
- Generates list, add, edit, and delete views
- Fairly easy to customize any part of the interface (by overriding templates, static files, and generated forms)

Some current limitations:
- Only supports SQLAlchemy declarative models (including Flask-SQLAlchemy models)
- Doesn't support some SQLAlchemy features, like multi-column primary keys

On PyPI:   http://pypi.python.org/pypi/Flask-Admin/0.1
On Github:  https://github.com/wilsaj/flask-admin

Feedback is greatly appreciated (patches/pull requests, too)!

- Andy

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