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为什么 Quora 选择用 Pylons 进行开发?

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引用这个内容是因为 上推介说这是一个新型问答型网站,很火,称之为“Twitter 之后最让人兴奋的产品”。 原文是这样的:

The main reason we chose Pylons over other Python web frameworks was because we knew we wanted to replace a lot of it with our own stuff (we don't use templates or an ORM,) and Pylons seemed like a better choice for doing that than other frameworks we considered (Django, etc.) This was based on just reading stuff on the web since none of us had used Pylons before.

One thing that also contributed to the decision was that I knew MochiMedia used Pylons (in addition to Django), and they seem to generally know what they are doing and be pretty smart.

If Flask had been released when we were setting things up, I think that would have been in the running as well.


是基于 twitter 和 facebook 帐号的,原文下面还有几条评论,我没有看。感兴趣的去研究一下吧,特别是准备使用 Pylons 做为企业应用的同学们。

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