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Job Description 

Do you have a love of music and a desire to revolutionize how people experience it? A passion for automation and want to work with cutting edge technologies? We’re a small well-funded early stage startup composed of a diverse group of experts in hardware, software, and business development.

We are looking for a junior to mid level software architect to join our team. Your responsibility will mainly be with cloud development for the musical devices and backend development for our eCommerce site, with future growth into the areas of data science and analytics. We are building a small team of strong software programmers. "Software Programming" is a skill that we strongly emphasize. So as a software architect, you are expected to do programming and implement your design on a daily bases, even to a quite intensive level.


  • Contribute to overall system architect design decisions such as restful data api and service api design

  • Design and implement restful data api and service api for certain modules

  • Contribute to the set up of an agile (and inner source) software development environment and process

  • Web app development

  • Architect testing strategies and frameworks
  • Architect CI process and develop process
  • Set up of an agile (and inner source) software development environment and process
  • Build up a learning environment for all team members including non technical members on various software technologies and methodologies


  • 3+ years web development experience

  • 2+ years experience with python and python web frameworks

  • Database schema design experiences

  • Good coding style

  • Strong English communication, liberal arts abilities, able to express thoughts well

  • Up to date knowledge of software architecture, e.g. Docker


  • Experiences with eCommerce web development
  • HTML 5/CSS/Javascript experience
  • Experience deploying and running platforms on AWS
  • Experience with credit card processing gateway integration, Amazon sellers central integration, and/or mobile commerce web-based solutions a plus

Perks and Benefits

  • Flexible work schedule
  • Ever expanding skill set -- We support you to participate in online MOOC for educational and professional goals.
  • Multi-cultural working environment -- You will work with team members stationed around the world to build a better culture and product.
  • Well-stocked office -- Fresh fruit, snacks and drinks are available anytime.

About Aivvy 

Aivvy is a rapidly growing company focused on smart devices and a cloud platform which embodies a culture of creativity, innovation, and lifelong learning. Aivvy was founded in June of 2014, our Hong Kong office is located in Hong Kong Science & Technology Park and our US office is located in Silicon Valley, US.


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