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招聘企业:App Annie (北京)

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            在全球应用商店经济环境中,App Annie一直处于市场情报及分析行业中的领导地位。超过80%的100强iOS发行商们都倚仗于App Annie的数据产品来获知应用商店业务的信息,其中包括:EA、Storm8、 微软以及诺基亚。      
            我们向应用商店社区提供免费以及付费的产品。“App Annie 分析” 产品可以让发行商追踪自己产品的下载量、收入、排名以及评价的情况。与此同时,App Annie还允许任何一个人分析全球应用商店中的排名情况。而这些都是完全免费的。“App Annie 情报”是我们的一款高端产品,其提供了目前所知最为精确的应用商店市场数据。      
              App Annie是一家私人持有的全球化公司,我们在北京、旧金山、香港、伦敦以及巴黎都设有分支机构。公司由来自美国、日本以及中国的投资机构支持,其中包括:Greycroft Partners、 e.ventures、 Infinity Venture Partners 以及 IDG Capital Partners。      
              我们以位于三里屯SOHO的顶级办公环境+竞争性的薪酬+六险一金+股票期权计划+近乎完美的福利报销制度(最新式的MacBook Air/Pro+IPhone/IPad+健身费+宽带费+探亲费+学习鼓励费等)诚邀您的加盟!      

The Role 
App Annie is looking for an enthusiastic postgraduate or undergraduate student. We are the industry leader in app store analytics and market intelligence with clients that include Microsoft, Google and EA. You will have an important role in internationalizing App Annie research, reports, content marketing and product marketing for a global audience of developers, investors, ad agencies and media companies. This is a unique opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a top tier, international mobile startup. 
Responsibilities include: 
-Compose specification for the design components and make a good track 
-Create detailed mockup for each development logic 
-Assist in brainstorming concepts for upcoming projects 
-Turn ideas into elegant usable web interfaces 
-Other duties as assigned 
-Available as a full-time (40+ hours/week) or half-time (20+ hours/week) position in our Sanlitun offices (Local to Beijing preferred. Relocation not offered)
-Technical requirements include: 
    Experience with Adobe Fireworks, Adobe Illustrator 
    Experience with HTML and CSS, 
    Know JavaScript, jQuery is a plus 
-You are an organizational guru and excellent multi-tasker. 
-You are structured, punctual and efficient in the way you complete projects and tasks. 
-Able to handle deadlines and work well in diverse environments 
-Good level of English to communicate in an international environment    

发送中英文简历至gill@appannie.com, 简历名称:渠道-申请职位-姓名      


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