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团队创立阶段,两位德国小伙南下寻求合作伙伴,交 Zoom.Quiet 代吼 HR 信息  ;-)

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We are looking for one or two Chinese Senior level Django/Python Engineer that would be willing to work with us in Zhuhai. We are looking for those extremely talented types that like to take great ideas, and make them big money making businesses! Everyone here works hard for the end result, a FANTASTIC product, that continues to improve!

We are a young start-up composed of very bright people. Our founding team has a track record of success. In this role you will report directly to the CTO and work in a fast paced. Extremely creative and super smart atmosphere!

What you need for this position:

  • A solid coding background with a foundation in the following technologies: Python, jQuery, Django, PHP frameworks, MongoDB or PostgreSQL, Linux.

  • Understanding of OOP, database design, Web services, data structures, algorithms and mathematical theory.

  • Intelligence.

What you'll be doing:

  • Coding within an extremely talented team.

  • Developing highly scalable back-end databases.

  • Work on developing cool and useful apps.

What's in it for you:

  • Competitive Base Salary + bonus and a stake in the company

  • Fun and exciting work environment

  • Growing Growing Growing = join a company that is going places and FAST!

So, if you are a solid engineer, with the Django and Python experience we are seeking, please apply today!


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