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We are looking for a talent who can design and develop tools base on our operation platform for eBay global QA/Production Technical Operation teams, and build Infrastructure As Service for eBay internal cloud.

The ideal candidate needs to be a bright, self-motivated, innovative software engineer, with excellent computer science fundamentals, will join an agile tools team with member from both China and US sides, responsible for

- Develop high fault-tolerant monitoring/population/automation tools within large-scale, complex environments
- Collaborate with site operation teams, collecting their requirements, improving the processes, and creating automation tools integrated with our workflow system
- Develop tools portal to help internal customers maintain their own environments as self-service
- Write technical documents for customers, do testing, rollout codes to tools cluster


- Bachelor's degree or higher in Computer Science or equivalent - 3-5 years of software development experience on high performance apps.
- Strong programming skill, familiar with common algorithms, design patterns
- Have working experiences in developing fault-tolerant tools with concurrency
- Have strong interest in linux/unix, understand the system internals, have programming experience under these environments
- Excellence in with Python/Java is a big plus
- Experience in design web gui with JQuery or Extjs is a plus
- experience implementing and maintaining systems monitoring in large scale environments, with server-class hardware & peripherals is a plus
- Common applications and technologies in Internet computing (web servers, proxies, load balancers, databases, client/server, etc) is a plus
- Must be able to effectively collaborate in a fast paced environment with multiple teams
- Excellent English and communication skills

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